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Click To Trade

What is Click To Trade?

Click-To-Trade'Click to Trade' is a new proprietary technology developed by MEB Options for the exclusive use of our customers. Click to Trade electronically scans the current exchange complex order books and MEB's client order flow in real time, applies your specific filtering, and then will automatically notify you of these open orders via an Instant Message. Clients can then click on a link in the Instant Message that will automatically create an order and submit it directly to the exchange on their behalf. This method ensures the most time effective means of execution while minimizing human intervention at all points.

What Can I Filter By?

You can filter your 'shows' by a number of criteria - e.g:

  • Underlying symbols
  • Industry sectors
  • Contract size
  • Indices and ETF's
  • Penny width options
  • Amount of edge in the trade vs. midpoint
  • Expiration
  • Strategy
  • Strikes

Additionally, our clients can change any of the filtering criteria directly from the MEB Options web site. Changes to your selections are made quickly and in real time.

What Do I Need to Get Click To Trade?

One of the advantages of Click to Trade is that it does not require additional software installation. All you need is a type of instant messaging software (such as AIM, TRILLIAN etc) and you can start getting Click to Trade messages today. All that is required is that you are a client of MEB OPTIONS and that we initially establish your clearing information in our systems.

We have the highest standards in data privacy and anonymity and currently provide the option of federating with our own XMPP server for Instant messaging communication. As the world of instant messaging evolves, we are at the forefront of having a back-up running and ready at all times for rapid communication. We are members of the Financial Industry Messaging Association (FIMA) and are always available to discuss technology and the benefits of federating with our systems. System response and access time could vary due to volume, market conditions, system performance, and other factors. Please ask your representative for more information

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  • CBOE
  • ABN-AMRO Clearing
  • ISE
  • SIPC

Company Information

MEB Options membership include: CBOE, FINRA SIPC, ISE, NYSE Amex, NASDAQ OMX, Financial Services Instant Messaging Association .
Prior to buying or selling an option, investors must read a copy of the Options Disclosure Document. It explains the characteristics and risks of exchange traded options.

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